~Eternal Black~

~Eternal Black~

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Steal your loved one’s heart with this perfect combo of Preserved Roses (that can last up to one year) in Neon Black + French macarons in our signature black two-layer box.

Each box contains 14-17 preserved roses, 6-8 macarons, and a greeting card.

Please see the product details/care tips below.

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Product Information:
Our arrangements consist of 100% natural Ecuadorian preserved roses.

What are preserved roses? They are real roses that go through a special process which stops the growth of the flower in its most perfect state. The life span of these roses can reach up to 12 months or more when taken care of properly.

These beauties come in a two-layer silk black box with 6-8 French macarons, Azelly greeting card with your message hidden in the bottom of the box.

Please be informed that our macarons contain gluten and eggs!

Care tips for preserved roses:

It’s a very delicate product! We kindly ask you to handle your flower box with care and not tilt or throw it.

Please don’t touch the roses too often, as moisture from your own skin can transfer to the rose petals and diminish their color and shape.

Please do not water the roses!

Room-temperature is perfect for our roses: not too cold or too hot.

Avoid direct sunlight! 

Please do not place anything onto the roses as they can get damaged. 

Also, please note that the roses can slightly stain adjacent objects, especially fabrics, such as curtains or other textiles 

If you notice the dust on the roses, please remove it lightly using dry air or a soft brush.

Box size: Diameter 8”, Height 8”.