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A Mother's Day Tradition with a Beautiful Twist!

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For centuries people have given the gift of flowers to lovers, mothers, and friends alike. But do you know where this custom comes from? During the Victorian age, it became improper to declare love for someone in a public forum, it was even potentially inappropriate to declare your affections for relatives unless under the correct circumstances. Flower giving became a modest way in declaring your adoration and has followed society throughout the centuries. Today, flowers are still a common and beautiful gift to present to the person you care about most.

With Mother’s Day coming up on May 14th, many of us who are responsible for buying gifts are starting to feel the squeeze. As consumers you’re bombarded nearly every single day for the next three weeks with advertisements, gift idea lists, and being told what your mother would actually like. We know you’re not about to ask her what she wants for Mother’s Day, so we’re here to help with a simple gift unlike anything else available in Phoenix: Stick with the age-old tradition of flowers, but with a memorable twist.

Make your gift to mom memorable, touch their heart with something that brings a small piece of surprise and delight into their life. Flower From Lover delivers beautiful arrangements with fresh, hand-crafted flowers and delicious macarons in adorable reusable boxes, directly to your mom’s doorstep.

With a variety of bouquet sizes available for purchase you can select a box that’s right in your price range or even find a box that your siblings can split the cost on. Each box is hand delivered with a fresh stack of macarons baked locally and flowers that remain fresh for as long as 10 days. 

This Mother’s Day Flower From Lover brings you a special sale on roses and delicate white hydrangeas centered off with those delicious little macarons. Our Moms deserve the best and nothing will say “I love you, mom,” quite like the beauty of Flower From Lover.


Mesmerize Her with our lovely ~I Love you, Mom!~ arrangement!

Mesmerize Her with our lovely ~I Love you, Mom!~ arrangement!

Interview with Miss AZ 2015 Maureen Montagne

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Maureen with custom made ~Maureen~ arrangement at the  photo shoot for Flower From Lover     Photography @jademinphotography

Maureen with custom made ~Maureen~ arrangement at the  photo shoot for Flower From Lover

Photography @jademinphotography


Hey Loves!

Before moving to Arizona I have heard that Grand Canyon State is not only one of the hottest spots in US, but also a place where very beautiful people live! And today Flower From Lover is proudly introducing you our new brand ambassador, Miss Arizona 2015 - Maureen Montagne. Maureen is 23 and lives in Chandler with her family. Her mother is from the Philippines and her father is French. She speaks fluent Tagalog and is involved in Filipino clubs at ASU, where she is majoring in communication. She loves writing and wants to become a writer and reporter, possibly internationally. She visits the Philippines often and have a dream to work in Singapore or Malaysia. 

Find more interesting facts about Maureen in her interview with Flower From Lover.

1. Hi Maureen! How did Miss AZ title change your life?

Being Miss Arizona USA was one of the best experiences of my life. Pageantry enabled me to engage with my community, help start and support fundraisers, and taught me priceless lessons about dealing with others and networking. Overall, it made me a more confident and outgoing person!

2. Your favorite perfume?  

My favorite perfume is the original scent from Jimmy Choo.

3. What you never forget to put on when you leave the house: mascara or lipstick?


4. The most memorable gift you ever received?

The most memorable gift I ever received was a delicate turquoise necklace from one of my best friends. It was completely my style and I still have years later.

5. Your favorite quote? 

“My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me, and that what misses me was never meant for me.”

6. Do you know the difference between Macarons and Macaroons?

Macarons are a french cookie with filling where as macaroons are a cookie with coconut.  

7. Your favorite designer? 

My favorite designer is Dolce & Gabbana.

8. Your favorite arrangement by Flower from Lover? 

It's ~Taraji~ with gorgeous red roses and white hydrangeas! It's absolutely stunning! 

9. Your favorite flower?

My favorite flowers are pink roses or anything pink!

10. The weirdest thing in your purse?

I always carry around super glue with me just in case anything breaks.

11. Your favorite food?

My favorite food is salmon sashimi.

12. Have you been to Philippines?

Yes! I visit the Philippines on a regular basis.

13. The most exotic destination on your bucket list?

I would love to explore the Maldives or go backpacking through India.

14. Your favorite macaron flavor?


15. Describe yourself with one word:


16. Do you believe in ghosts?

No. ("I do" -  Flora Macaroni).

17. If Hollywood would make a movie about you which actress do you want to be portrayed by?

I would love to be played by Angelina Jolie.

18. What supernatural ability would you like to have?

I would want to be able to read minds.

19. With what famous photographer would you like to work?

Annie Leibovitz.

20. Your favorite spot in Phoenix?

My favorite spot in Phoenix would be a restaurant called Different Pointe of View. It's a lovely restaurant on top of a mountain with a gorgeous view!

21. Your style icon?

Olivia Culpo.

22. Have you taken part in Mannequin challenge?


23. Your favorite makeup guru on Instagram?

Jeffree Star.

24. Your favorite fashion influencer on Instagram?

Olivia Culpo.

25. Would you gift flowers to your boyfriend?


26. What you would never do even for 1 000 000 bucks?

Hurt another person.

27. If one day there would be absolutely no internet, what app/social media would you miss the most?


28. Spokesperson of what world company would you like to be?

I would love to be the face of Chanel or Burberry.


Her choice

Dress or jeans: Dress

High heels or sneakers: Sneakers

New York or Paris: Paris

Orchid or rose: Rose

Macarons or donuts: Donuts

Coffee or tea: Tea

Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds: Ryan Reynolds 

Horror or comedy: Comedy

Skiing or surfing: Surfing

Diamond or sapphire: Diamond

Instagram or Facebook: Instagram

Kylie or Kendall: Kendall

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Purse by Chanel or Hermes: Chanel

Bridal gown by Elie Saab or Vera Wang? Elie Saab

Wedding on the exotic beach or in a fancy hotel? Exotic Beach

Pizza or burger:Pizza

Selena or Ariana: Ariana

Kendall or Gigi : Gigi

Guitar or piano: Piano

iPhone or Samsung? iPhone

Naomi or Tyra: Tyra

Jacqueline or Marilyn: Jacqueline

Rihanna or Beyoncé: Beyoncé


Want to know more about Maureen? Follow @maureenmontagne on Instagram.

We hope you liked our interview. And many more are coming soon! Stay tuned! 



Yay! We are an official sponsor!

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We are so excited to announce that Flower From Lover is now an official floral sponsor of Miss Phoenix, Miss Phoenix’s Outstanding Teen, Miss Maricopa County, Miss Maricopa’s Outstanding Teen, Miss Scottsdale and Miss Scottsdale’s Outstanding Teen pageants!

And last weekend we had an amazing photoshoot with the 2017 title holders and can't wait to introduce you our gorgeous brand ambassadors!

They are Miss Maricopa County (Courtney Ortega), Miss Phoenix (Alyssa Scofield), Miss Scottsdale (Laetitia Hua), Miss Maricopa’s Outstanding Teen (Ela Wootton), Miss Scottsdale’s Outstanding Teen (Alyssa Hart) and Miss Phoenix’s Outstanding Teen (Cassidy Miller).

Later this year, Miss Maricopa County (Courtney Ortega), Miss Phoenix (Alyssa Scofield), and Miss Scottsdale (Laetitia Hua) will compete in the Miss Arizona Pageant, which is the official state preliminary to the Miss America Pageant. Also later this year, Miss Maricopa’s Outstanding Teen (Ela Wootton), Miss Scottsdale’s Outstanding Teen (Alyssa Hart), and Miss Phoenix’s Outstanding Teen (Cassidy Miller) will compete in the Miss Arizona’s Outstanding Teen Scholarship Program.

We're proud of our beautiful brand ambassadors and wish them best of luck in this amazing journey! 

Special thanks to our amazing photographer Jade Min for these beautiful pictures! It was super easy to work with her, Jade is very creative, patient, detail oriented and has great communication skills! 

The Miss Arizona and Miss Arizona's Outstanding Teen programs provide scholarship and service opportunities to young women in the Grand Canyon State. Over 50 young women representing all corners of Arizona compete at the State competition each year to earn more than $300,000 in cash and in-kind scholarships. (

And we're honored to be a part of it! <3