3 reasons to consider sending flowers in a box


Flowers have always been the choice of gift, be it a birthday, Valentine’s Day or any such occasion. They convey a very special meaning, unlike any other gift. We believe there is no better way to celebrate the precious moments of life than by sending a bunch of beautiful flowers to your loved one. This act of sending flowers is perceived as caring and thoughtful. Over the years, the ways of sending flowers have constantly changed.

In today’s era, Boxes are the new Bouquets. Let’s take a look at three reasons as to why you should consider adapting to this change!

Trend setting and evolution is a part of life.

The trends in flower delivery are changing drastically. Over the years, there has been a shift from the conventional handheld bouquets to woven baskets to the present trend of luxe boxes in pretty monochromatic, pastel and muted tones. The presentation and style of sending flowers in a box is quite unique!

This new trend of sending flowers in a box, popularly known as ‘bloom box’ not only exudes elegance and class but is an example of smart evolution. The boxes are meticulously engineered to keep the flowers fresh until they are delivered to the recipient.

With the emerging new techniques, these flowers are exposed to certain oils that can leave them fresh, radiating their natural beauty for longer periods than usual. Some can even last up to a year. If you follow the instructions! See, new trends are not that bad after all, are they?

The overall look of these boxes is more upbeat than the traditionally styled arrangements. They are in vogue among many fashion and beauty influencers, actresses and celebrities worldwide. Still wondering if you should try this new trend?

Adding a personal touch.

The best part about this new trend is that you get to choose the design by customizing your bloom box. Unlike bouquets, that are mostly nonetheless the same, with boxes, you can design your own stylish ornate flower box. You can even add initials of the loved one, or even a whole message. You can bring your ideals of an exquisitely picturesque arrangement and turn them into a reality! Yes, you can even design the flower arrangements!

So, if you choose to send flowers in a box, the flowers will be packaged in your choice of color and design and shape (yes, you can also decide if you want a square box or a hexagonal box!).

It’s not just flowers; it’s an experience.

Every bloom box arrangement is sincerely and carefully handcrafted by floral design specialists. Inspired by class and simplicity, it is their belief that flowers in a box are more than just sending flowers. The keepsake handcrafted boxes with personalized labels and perfect hand picked flowers arranged with delicacy are a luxury gift. They speak of class.

Similarly, sending a bloom box can be seen as a way of pampering your loved one with elaborate and unequivocally gorgeous floral color options. Every box is crafted to perfection and customized to your unique ideas bringing to fruition an exquisite floral delight! This whole experience can leave both you, and the receiver, extremely mesmerized.