4 charitable ways to donate event flower boxes


Many organizations and charitable homes have been around for more than decades and so more new ones are springing around! These charitable homes are making a tremendous impact on the society. They are working hard all over the nation, spreading joy and making the community more habitable.

There could be many ways in which you can give back to the society, but flower box donations are a great idea because nothing beats putting a smile on someone’s face. Considering that the new trend is flowers in a box, forget the conventional way of sending bouquets, and gather some of these boxes – a box to someone’s happiness!

So gather up some beautiful blooms because now we present to you the places where flower donations are happily accepted.


There are hundreds of different charities that exist, some of which you can find in and around your neighborhood. All it takes is just a box of flowers to spread happiness and make your contribution – your way to say a thank you. You can even do this yourself by taking your leftover flowers and rearranging them into boxes.

These repurposed blooms or fresh ones can brighten the anyone’s days! Imagine the smile on their faces when their homes are decorated with beautiful flowers in a box. A lot of orphanages receive so many donations of various sorts – from daily utilities to clothes to food. But you never know if your donations are really going to the orphans.

So why not give them some fresh flowers? It will definitely brighten their moods and make them feel loved!

Your Local Hospitals and clinics

Give your community hospital a call. Check with them if they can accept some beautiful flowers. Blood and organ donations are of course important. But not many people are aware that many hospital patients are very ill and may be going through extremely tough and long treatments. Some treatments may even force them to be stuck in a hospital bed for extended periods of time.

It is seen that flowers can contribute to their recovery. Being unable to get up and experience the nature can leave them feeling down. Your gorgeous donations of blooms are a perfectly special treat to brighten up their stay!

So many patients are also alone, with no family to support them through their treatments and recovery. A beautiful flower donation – flowers in a box, can leave them cheerful!

Senior Living Homes

Senior living and assisted care homes have almost everything so as to make their residents feel at home and comfortable. The best contributions you can make are some flowers. So many of the elderly there suffer from dementia and/or Alzheimer’s, or imply have a bad memory, which is natural given their age.

A scientific study shows that flowers can improve cognitive brain power. Besides, with the monotonous every day routine of the old age home, these small gifts will mean the world to them.

Women’s Shelters

All women love gifts. So many women shelters are a home to women who have been through some trauma or harassment and seek shelter here, and some flowers can just make them feel better. So pack some flowers in a box and get them ready for this awesome donation!