A Mother's Day Tradition with a Beautiful Twist!

For centuries people have given the gift of flowers to lovers, mothers, and friends alike. But do you know where this custom comes from? During the Victorian age, it became improper to declare love for someone in a public forum, it was even potentially inappropriate to declare your affections for relatives unless under the correct circumstances. Flower giving became a modest way in declaring your adoration and has followed society throughout the centuries. Today, flowers are still a common and beautiful gift to present to the person you care about most.

With Mother’s Day coming up on May 14th, many of us who are responsible for buying gifts are starting to feel the squeeze. As consumers you’re bombarded nearly every single day for the next three weeks with advertisements, gift idea lists, and being told what your mother would actually like. We know you’re not about to ask her what she wants for Mother’s Day, so we’re here to help with a simple gift unlike anything else available in Phoenix: Stick with the age-old tradition of flowers, but with a memorable twist.

Make your gift to mom memorable, touch their heart with something that brings a small piece of surprise and delight into their life. Flower From Lover delivers beautiful arrangements with fresh, hand-crafted flowers and delicious macarons in adorable reusable boxes, directly to your mom’s doorstep.

With a variety of bouquet sizes available for purchase you can select a box that’s right in your price range or even find a box that your siblings can split the cost on. Each box is hand delivered with a fresh stack of macarons baked locally and flowers that remain fresh for as long as 10 days. 

This Mother’s Day Flower From Lover brings you a special sale on roses and delicate white hydrangeas centered off with those delicious little macarons. Our Moms deserve the best and nothing will say “I love you, mom,” quite like the beauty of Flower From Lover.


Mesmerize Her with our lovely ~I Love you, Mom!~ arrangement!

Mesmerize Her with our lovely ~I Love you, Mom!~ arrangement!